Customer Care

A Prompt, Courteous and Reliable Service

City & Country is committed to providing a prompt and professional service in all dealings with customers. Our Customer Care team carry out nearly 500 individual checks on the average property before they deem it suitable for hand-over to our customers.

Our expert service ensures that:

  • At reservation, our customers are provided with a manual containing information and advice about the legal process of buying a new home, the service to expect from the City & Country team and how to prepare for a move.
  • Prior to legal completion customers will be invited to a Home Demonstration in order to familiarise themselves with all the features of their new home and to be introduced to the Customer Care team.  The demonstration will typically involve an explanation of the hand-over manual and important items such as the central heating system, the use of various fitted appliances and appropriate cleaning methods and maintenance, as well as the location of meters and stopcocks.
  • We recognise that there is a great deal of information to take in, so we also provide a Home Owner’s Manual on completion day as a first point of reference for the property.
  • Once the purchase is complete, City & Country is committed to providing a prompt and professional service through our Customer Care team. Each development has a dedicated Customer Care Coordinator on hand to assist our purchasers as their first point of call and the role is to ensure that our customers have a prompt, courteous and reliable service throughout.
  • Each customer is offered a routine inspection at the end of their warranty period as an opportunity for the resolution of any final minor issues.

As a whole team we have a lasting commitment to our customers and we aim to ensure that each City & Country home is as much of a pleasure to live in as it is to look at. We genuinely understand that satisfied customers are the key to our future.

For Customer Care enquiries please contact:
T: (01279) 818909