George Clarke Restoration Man

City & Country are delighted to be working closely with TVs 'Restoration Man' and architect George Clarke, one of the most successful property TV presenters on UK television, to help preserve Britain’s architectural heritage. 

While the Channel 4 series ‘Restoration Man’ is billed as featuring “buildings that no other sane developer would touch with a bargepole”, City & Country has proved the exception to the rule. Rather than shying away from complex conservation projects, we embrace them, and have developed an outstanding reputation as ‘best in class’ for the sensitive restoration and regeneration of neglected historic buildings. 

With over 800,000 properties standing empty across Britain, we will be working with George Clarke to raise awareness of how fortunate Britain is to have such a wonderful and eclectic collection of historic assets whilst urging people to protect them, in order that they can be enjoyed by future generations. 

George Clarke comments ‘My passion for listed and historic buildings is well known. Most developers regard such buildings as ‘difficult’ or ‘awkward’ and don’t see their true value, which is why I have been delighted to see, at first hand, the work of City & Country over the past few years.

Many of the buildings and historic estates in which they are involved would simply have fallen in to disrepair without their intervention. Their commitment to detail and integrity in undertaking the restoration process is second to none. You can’t underestimate how relieved I am to see these historic buildings from Britains’ rich architectural heritage being preserved, transformed and enjoyed once again.’

Q&A session with George Clarke